I am often asked by my patients what mattress to buy. It is also something that I discuss when my patients complain of chronic , non specific lower back pain with stiffness in the mornings. Here are my top tips :

1) Everyone is different – weight, gender, back issues, all make a difference. Where possible try before you buy.

2) It is a myth that hard beds are good for all back problems.

3) Just because a mattress is labeled ‘orthopaedic’, does not mean it is necessarily good for your back.

4) You need to take account of your curves, especially if you are female. When you lie on a mattress, especially on your side , you need something that allows your hard bony bits ( shoulders and hips ) to sink in slightly, allowing your spine to lie straight not curved. This takes the tension out of your muscles and ligaments whilst you sleep.

5 ) With point 4 in mind, I suggest a firm supportive under mattress with a more forgiving mattress topper, that can accommodate your curves.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I like your tip on ‘orthopaedic’ mattresses because many people assume they are good for the back just because they are labelled so.

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