• “The best osteopath in the area by far!!  Katie is so warm and friendly, and not to mention marvellous at her craft. She has done wonders for my back/neck, as well as giving me advice on how to improve the way I use my body and build up strength to help protect my back/neck. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services; I really can’t speak highly enough of her!!”   Emma Wilson
  • “Prior to becoming Katie’s patient I had 18 months of intense back pain and numerous treatments. I saw Katie 4 times and the results have been fantastic…”  Karen Tobin
  • “I took our 11 year son to Sian as he had pulled his lower back and ankle. Sian was extremely professional, knew exactly how to treat Ben, her gentle yet very effective approach to her work made it an easy experience for our son who up until meeting Sian did not like going to the Osteopath. Sian has a very strong experience in her field especially with children and I could not recommend her enough.” Susan
  • “I often refer patients to Katie and get treated by her personally as I know I can trust her to be kind and professional whilst getting great results.”  Sally Knudsen – Physiotherapist, Bath RUH
  • “Having seen 2 osteopaths and spent many £ since a watersports injury in July, I went to Katie for some treatment last week. In a single 40 minute session she relieved my pain, helped me understand what I needed to do to work on it and effectively put me back on track. She’s a genius!”   Gordon Stoddart
  • “As a Pilates Instructor and personal trainer I understand that Osteopathy is complementary to the principles and exercises taught in a basic matwork Pilates session. It is of great benefit to me to be able to recommend that clients are treated by someone like Katie who understands this.  Katie’s approach in treating people who are keen to continue with their exercise programme comes not only from her highly skilled and experienced work as an Osteopath, but also from someone who enjoys regular exercise herself. This makes her a very empathetic practitioner and allows the client to make an easy and appropriate transition back into fitness. I would absolutely recommend Katie to any of my clients.”  Anne Moss – Pilates Instructor
  • “Katie is the Carling of Osteopaths – she’s brilliant and did in a single session what 2 other Osteopaths had tried and failed to do in 5 months following a sports injury. So effective – I can’t recommend her highly enough – she not only sorts you effectively, she also educates you so that you manage yourself and understand your body. If you are more into Heineken, the Monkton Farleigh Ostepathic Practice refreshes the parts other Osteopaths cannot reach.”   Douglas Stout
  • “Fantastic service, friendly staff, great results!”    Sam Attwood, Golf Professional