Sports Injury

Osteopathy is an ideal treatment for most sports injuries, whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional. Regular exercise benefits almost everyone but unfortunately can sometimes result in injuries that prevent individuals from enjoying and continuing with their activity and can reduce optimum performance.

Sports osteopathy looks at injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. It is appropriate for those with acute or chronic injuries, regular exercisers or those wishing to begin an exercise programme. Even if you are in doubt of the severity of your injury, it is important to have the problem assessed and treated before a mild twinge becomes a major issue.

As well as treating common sports injuries, osteopathy can help with functional complaints such as reduced joint flexibility or mechanical limitation that may limit performance potential. By addressing the biomechanics of the restricted area, performance and enjoyment of your sport can be greatly enhanced.

Our team, with Katie being an ex P.E teacher and Doug a past national ju jitsu champion, have a great understanding of the world of sport and the need to get you back to your chosen activity, whatever the level, as quickly and safely as possible.


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