We are firm believers in treating the person, not just the condition, as everyone brings different physical, mental and social issues to the treatment room and therefore should be treated as individuals.

 Francesca Yates M.Ost

“I am passionate about keeping people moving and doing what they love. I enjoy getting to know my patients so that I can tailor my exercises and advice to suit their lifestyle and needs. I like to make small manageable changes become long term health benefits.”

Francesca has recently relocated to the Bath area with her young family having previously worked in clinics around Surrey and London. She graduated from the British School of Osteopathy ( now University College of Osteopathy ) in 2010 and has gained 14 years of experience treating a wide range of patients, from babies to the elderly. Her calm and warm presence has made her a popular therapist for those seeking relief from pain and wanting skills and confidence to improve their function and wellbeing.

Francesca uses hands on structural and cranial osteopathic techniques alongside medical acupuncture and strongly believes that empowering her patients to understand and appropriately manage their pain and injuries is the best way to get better. She has a keen interest in regulating the part of the nervous system responsible for an increased stress response, which can be especially helpful for unsettled babies. Francesca has undertaken post graduate courses in the treatment of babies and particularly enjoys treating them.

Francesca also runs an online wellness business providing ergonomic assessments and wellness talks/workshops for businesses. This puts her in a great place to  incorporate ergonomic advice into her treatments.

In her free time Francesca enjoys strength training, running, hiking and the occasional round of golf.

 Katie Bench BSc. (Hons) Ost.

“I have a really caring attitude to getting my patients physically better and mentally feeling stronger and happier. I feel that a good understanding of the problem and giving exercises and advice where appropriate is so important in helping my patients to have a sense of control over their injury.”

Katie started her osteopathic career in Bristol, where she gained great experience working in a large established clinic. At the same time she also established her own practice working within a GP’s surgery which provided a steady stream of patients through recommendations from the residing doctors. When her first child was born she relocated to Bath and has now been practising for 25 years.

Katie qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1999 , gaining the prize for Integrated Osteopathic Practice, which reflects her style of ‘thinking outside the box’ when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Her previous background as a P.E. teacher and keen sports person has given her a good insight into sports injuries and rehabilitation and with a family of 10 medics she was always destined to be in a healthcare profession!

Katie uses a mixture of structural osteopathy and cranial osteopathy to treat a wide range of conditions in all ages. She also has a qualification in medical acupuncture, which she finds very effective when used alongside her osteopathy to release tight musculature and decrease inflammation in joints. She particularly gains satisfaction in helping chronic pain suffers get back to living a more fulfilled life as well as addressing the effects of anxiety and trauma in the body, especially in children. She is currently pursuing training in Somatic Experiencing, which helps the nervous system to shift previously ‘frozen’ flight fight energy as a result of trauma.

In her free time Katie enjoys keeping active, whether it be running with her Springer spaniels, cycling across Italy, power pilates, swimming or paddle boarding. She is always up for an adventure, especially with her family.

Katie Bench Osteopath Bath Cranial Osteopathy
Katie Bench Osteopath Bath
Katie Bench Osteopath Bath Structural Osteopathy
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“Frankie really know what she is doing and you feel totally safe, heard and supported.”

Lija K
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“Katie is a superb Osteopath. She takes time to learn about one’s life in order to understand and provide the necessary treatment. I can’t recommend here enough. She makes things possible in a kind and positive way. Thank you Katie.”

Emma P
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“Francesca’s empathy sets her aside from any other health professional I have worked with. Combine this with her vast knowledge and effective techniques and you’ll know why she is so highly regarded.”

Charlie M
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“Katie has been an absolute lifesaver during my pregnancy – from week 22 to the end, Her calmed manner, professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and passion for what she does is so obvious to see.”

Iris G
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“I feel Francesca has an intuitive instinct backed up by her advanced qualifications and regularly recommend her to others.”

Anne C
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“Katie is a very empathic and highly skilled practitioner. I would absolutely recommend her to any of my clients …”

Annie M, Pilates teacher - Bath