Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Is Osteopathy safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, all osteopathic treatment is considered safe for pregnant women, but often we will choose to perform quite gentle techniques in the first and final trimester. Our team of osteopaths are experienced in treating the pregnant body and taking into consideration the physiological changes at each stage of the pregnancy and the effects it has on you as the mum. Katie and Francesca both have personal experience of pregnancy and childbirth and Katie has developed her interest in this area through post graduate training.


Finding out that you are pregnant can be a very emotional experience, a mixture of elation and concern of what the next 9 months will bring – how best to nurture that evolving embryo inside you and therefore how best to take care of yourself. We aim to be there to support you and your body as it makes the necessary changes, keeping you active, pain free and allowing you to enjoy the miraculous time of growing a baby.

Hormonal levels of oestrogen and progesterone change significantly during pregnancy to allow the growth and nutrition of the fetus and necessary changes in the musculoskeletal system. Early on the ligaments start to relax to allow these changes, but also make you more prone to injury. As the pregnancy progresses the increase weight of your growing baby will affect your posture putting more demand on your spine and often leading to back and pelvic pain. In the third trimester your baby, who is getting quite big by now, can sometimes lie with a foot or head wedged under your rib cage causing discomfort and problems with digestion.

It is important to embrace pregnancy and consider these issues as part of a normal process, but osteopathic treatment can help to ease muscle and joint tension, provide a little more room for your baby and make you both more comfortable. A balanced body, especially where the pelvis is concerned also puts you in a better place for avoiding complications at childbirth.


Whilst the baby gets all the attention once it arrives and often gets bought to see us for a check–up or if unsettled, don’t forget what you have just been through!

Our role after the birth is to recheck the pelvic balance and release any tight back or neck muscles that may have been strained in the action of childbirth. It is important to remember that your ligaments will still be lax for quite some while and your abdominal muscles weak. This at a time when you are bending over to change nappies, carrying heavy car seats and mastering feeding postures, can be quite a challenge! We are here to help your bodies through this stressful time and give advice on posture and regaining core strength.

Don’t forget we treat those stressed out dads too!