Covid-19 Procedure for patients attending

The Monkton Farleigh Osteopath Practice.

Please note we have reviewed our risk assessment in light of Lockdown 3 and in addition to our stringent hygiene protocol below we are asking patients to wear a Type IIR surgical mask, which we will provide. Please leave your own mask in the car and do not enter the practice until you have been issued with your mask. We appreciate your cooperation with this to help protect yourselves, fellow patients and the practitioners.

1. A practitioner will contact you to complete a pre screening  questionnaire prior to your appointment, or check that you have completed one on Cliniko. This way we can assess suitability of treatment. You will be offered an online consultation if treatment at this time is not thought appropriate due to Covid-19. For further information please see separate screening questionnaire document.

2. Before leaving home, please consider wearing clean clothes and a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you on arrival at the practice. There will be a small charge for this.  

3. Please do not arrive at the practice too early for your appointment. We would appreciate you waiting in your car until the practitioner waves you in. This gives us time to clean and air the practice and also means that you do not come into contact with other patients. 

4. Please limit the number of family members, carers and children accompanying you if at all possible.

5. On arrival the door will be open, you will be welcomed by your practitioner and if you are not wearing a mask be given a 3 ply face mask. The practitioner will be wearing a FFP2/IIR fluid resistant mask, clean disposable apron and gloves and goggles (the later at the practitioner’s discretion as it poses no increased risk to you as a patient) and have freshly cleaned hands. All door handles/toilet and sink surfaces/ treatment room surfaces disinfected at this point (see later cleaning protocol ).

6. Please wash hand your hands thoroughly and dry using  individual cotton hand towels – disposed of in pedal bin and washed at 60 degrees at end of day. 

7. On entering the cleaned treatment room for consultation please sit on the plastic covered plinth  (own towel on top if bought). Your practitioner will sit by the desk, 2 M away, whilst health and case history is discussed.

8. Before commencement of treatment you will be asked to sign a Covid-19 consent for treatment and wellness form. Please note pens are disinfected at end of appointment.

9. The treatment will be performed to our usual professional standards and reassurance and empathy given where patients are nervous.

10. Before leaving the practice the practitioner will book you in for your next appointment if necessary or for online consultation if deemed sufficient. A confirmation email will be sent and a reminder the day before your appointment, so no appointment cards need to be given out. With the reminder will be a Covid-19 health questionnaire, it is imperative that you fill this out the night before your appointment otherwise we may not be able to treat you.

11. Please pay using our card machine. We cannot accept cash or cheques at present.

12. Cleaning protocol between patients for practitioner.

a)Dispose of apron and gloves in plastic pedal bin in treatment room – inner bag used and double bagged at end of day. Left for 72 hours before putting in general waste.

b)Wash hands and arms thoroughly with soap and water

c) Disinfect all surfaces in treatment room and bathroom that has had contact with patient or practitioner during consultation using diluted Chemgene HLD4M high quality medical disinfectant and cotton cloths, disposed of after single use in bucket in washroom and washed at 60 degrees at end of day.

  • Plinth
  • Pillows
  • Chest where extra pillows sit
  • Baby lotion
  • Pen 
  • Desktop
  • Coat stand where clothes have been put
  • Door handles clinic room/toilet/front door/buzzer
  • Toilet seat/ sink esp taps/ soap dispenser/light switch
  • N.b Floor to be cleaned at end of day

d) Air room whilst cleaning – 15 mins

e) Wash hands again and put on clean apron and gloves before meeting next patient.

f) Masks and glasses to be kept on until the end of a session, unless touched, soiled or broken. Glasses to be cleaned at end of session and masked to be replaced.


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