Top tips for an injury free Ski trip

For those of you lucky enough to be hitting the ski slopes this season follow these top tips for an injury free ski trip.

1) Start early with some exercises to strengthen your leg muscles and improve balance. It really pays to be ready for action. If you are not a gym member these can be done at home, there are plenty of youtube videos that you can follow. Check with your Osteopath if you have knee or back injuries before you follow a home work out. They can also help you recover from your injury with hands on treatment, relieving pain, increasing stability and preventing further injury on the slopes.

2) Pack a tennis ball/spiky ball in your luggage. Nice and small for packing, but great for loosening those glutes and back muscles.

3) If you are carrying a back or knee injury or have a weakness here, take a support with you to create some stability. Great for giving you confidence too and keeping you warm.

4) Make time to stretch and tennis ball every morning before you hit the slopes.

5) Don’t walk with your boot clips open – I had a patient who slipped and ended up with a very nasty ankle injury. Ow !

6) Have a hot bath after returning from the slopes and preferably a shower in the morning – muscles love heat. Stretch out before you reach for your G&T!

7) Listen to your body – it’s often on that last run of the day when you are tired that injuries happen.

Relax into your skiing and enjoy!