“Katie is the Carling of Osteopaths – she’s brilliant and did in a single session what 2 other Osteopaths had tried and failed to do in 5 months following a sports injury. So effective – I can’t recommend her highly enough – she not only sorts you effectively, she also educates you so that you manage yourself and understand your body. If you are more into Heineken, the Monkton Farleigh Ostepathic Practice refreshes the parts other Osteopaths cannot reach.”

Gordon Stoddart

”Katie has been an absolute lifesaver during my pregnancy – from week 22 until the very end. Her calmed manner, professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and passion for what she does is so obvious to see. I have suffered with a number of things throughout my pregnancy including groin pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, headaches …. Just to name a few. She not only helped ease the pain, re-balance tensions and gently support my body through all the changes but she has also given me the confidence to listen and trust my body and what it needs. I could not recommend her highly enough – thank you!”

Iris Gonzalez


“Katie has been an absolute life saver with helping me control my migraines. She has such a professional and calming approach and I cannot praise her intuitiveness and manual therapy skills enough. She always pitches her treatments at the right level for the symptoms and gets quick and effective results. She offers good advice, which allows long-term benefits from her treatments. Highly recommended!”

Sally Knudsen – Physiotherapist 

“I have been seeing Francesca for a few years now, initially for severe back pain, which she was able to identify the source of and alleviate really quickly. Now I see her on a fairly regular basis (my choice) so that she can make sure problems aren’t reoccurring and also deal with any new aches and pains I inevitably pick up along the way. I feel she has an intuitive instinct backed up by her advanced qualifications and regularly recommend her to others.”

Anne E

After spending so many years in pain, visiting physiotherapists, nothing seemed to work. 10 minutes with Francessca and she’d got to the bottom of the issue and I left feeling much better. She gave me manageable exercises to do and within a few visits I was completely pain free. I can’t recommend Francessca enough. “

Linda L

“Francessca’s empathy sets her aside from any other health professional I’ve worked with. Combine this care with her vast knowledge and effective techniques and you’ll know why she is so highly regarded. Francessca helped me deal with both chronic and acute injuries, setting me on a path to better manage my pain. She has helped me get back to moving more freely and feeling more hopeful about my future physical well being.”

Charlie M

“I have been visiting Katie’s practice for several years now, mainly for a general MOT and to check body alignment. I am convinced that Katie has saved me from serious injury. I started going to Katie originally, for a frozen shoulder, the prognosis was long and surgery had been floated as an option. With Katie’s great skill and expertise I avoided surgery and my arm and shoulder are stronger than ever. Many Thanks Katie you are very special..”

Rosie Tompkins – Author of N-stinctive

“Katie made a huge difference when I took my daughter to see her about sleep problems. The results were noticeable straight away and it’s reassuring to know that there’s somewhere I can go for help if it reoccurs. Katie was able to put her at ease and it was a therapeutic experience from start to finish. Thank you!”

Ellena West

“The Monkton Farleigh Osteopaths provide an extremely professional, thorough and friendly service. I would happily recommend Katie and her team to anyone in need of treatment.”

Jo Downes

“Prior to becoming Katie’s patient I had 18 months of intense back pain and numerous treatments. I saw Katie 4 times and the results have been fantastic…”

Karen Tobin

“I took my 2 month old daughter to see Francesca as she was fussy and upset whenever I put her down. Francesca noticed that she was favouring turning her head one way over the other and that her muscles were tight on that side. She was much happier after the session and had a really good sleep that night! I was warned there may be a poonami and there really was!! “

Michelle M

“The best Osteopath in the area by far! Katie is so warm and friendly, and not to mention marvellous at her craft. I really can’t speak highly enough of her!”

Emma Wilson

Katie is amazing. Relaxed and friendly. The whole family have had treatment (back, hip and knees) and it’s always been really effective.”

Richard Frost

Frankie is an awesome osteopath, always calm and friendly and keen to get to the bottom of things. She really knows what she is doing and you feel totally safe, heard and supported – plus she gives great and do-able tips and exercises to support sustainable results without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.”

Lilja Katanka

“I have been using Katie as my Osteopath for several years now and have recommended her time and time again to friends and family. I find Katie kind, caring & sympathetic but most importantly very effective. She has a very professional approach to Osteopathy. Her practice is warm, inviting, & very well located with parking.”

Helen Rawlings

“Absolutely fantastic – cannot recommend them highly enough – extremely knowledgeable – relief was pretty much immediate – they are ‘the business’!”

Alison Pitman

“Fantastic service, friendly staff, great results!”

Sam Atwood – Golf Professional