Making you Feel Comfortable on Your First Visit

Here at The Monkton Farleigh Osteopathic Practice we strive to make you feel comfortable and relaxed when attending all appointments, but particularly on your first visit to us when everything is new. Knowing what to expect can can help overcome any concerns you may have. If you have any further questions, would like reassurance, or are unsure if osteopathy can help, please give us a ring and we can chat it through with you.

Initially a full medical history will be taken and you will be physically assessed. You will normally be asked to perform a simple series of movements so that the mobility of your body can be evaluated. This biomechanical assessment will be considered alongside lifestyle factors such as work and leisure activities. It is generally helpful during this assessment to see the patients spine, so if you are not comfortable undressing to your underwear please wear appropriate clothing such as leggings/sports shorts and a vest top.

At the Monkton Farleigh Osteopathic Practice we are keen to treat your symptoms to get you pain free, but also to tackle the underlying cause of the problem to prevent recurrence.

Using a developed sense of touch, any points of weakness, excess strain, postural imbalance or specific injury will be identified. The osteopath uses their hands to investigate the underlying causes of pain and to carry out treatment using a variety of non-invasive techniques, including structural and cranial osteopathy. You will be given a diagnosis and prognosis and suggested treatment plan that will be reinforced by advice on suitable exercises to speed up the natural healing processes.

It is important for you to know that at all times you are in control of the treatment, it will be clearly explained to you and consent will be sought.