What a find! Simple, stylish, affordable and a life saver for back care whilst working from home.

With the majority of the nation working from home over the last months it has become increasingly clear at our practice that backs and necks are not enjoying the experience! There is in particular a real rise in acute spinal pain with associated trapped nerves.

standing desk for good back healthWe all thought Lockdown and working from home was only a temporary measure and making do regarding our workspace was fine short term. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the effects of compromising long term. With the likelihood of at least part time working from home in the future, now is the time that we should start taking stock. We should start thinking seriously in investing in our health before it dictates what we can and can’t do. 

Harmoni Standing Desk

I came across the Harmoni standing desk on social media in November and loved the simplicity and style of it – all important if you are letting it into your home! Having a husband who has recently had a bad disc injury to his lower back and who sits for far too much of the day at work, I thought purchasing one would both tick off a Christmas present and allow me to see whether its functionality stood up to its looks. If so I could then start recommending it to my patients. Needless to say Craig and I are impressed with it from a practical and Osteopathic perspective.

Crafted from strong and sustainably sourced birch plywood the Harmoni standing desk, due its simplicity, is very easy to assemble. It is also very adaptable, so that you can swop between sitting and standing throughout the day with ease. If you buy a separate keyboard you can make your laptop much more ergonomically friendly. It can also accommodate a desk top or indeed if you purchase an extra shelf you can fit an additional screen as shown in the picture above. There is even room for your all important cuppa and the potential to pack it up and take it to work with you.

As well as preventing disc compression in the spine and muscular tightness from prolonged bad sitting posture, standing to work also encourages you to be less sedentary. This brings with it an array of health benefits including and very importantly mood. Indeed standing desks are proven to boost productivity by a massive 46% !

The great news is that the Harmoni standing desk is moderately priced at £200, current sale price £179 and with the following link https://harmoni-friends.kckb.st/mfop (referral code MFOP)  you can get an additional £10 off. So for the sake of your back alone it is well worth considering.