Osteopathy for Back and Neck Pain

Osteopaths Specialise in Treating  Back and Neck Pain

 Whilst osteopaths treat all joints of the body and their associated muscles and ligaments our techniques are particularly effective on the spine and we are therefore well known for successfully treating back and neck pain, especially if combined with exercise prescription. This is endorsed in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

Multiple Treatment Techniques to Cater for Acute and Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Our wide range of treatment techniques include manipulation, articulation, soft tissue, medical acupuncture and gentle cranial osteopathy. This sets us up well to treat chronic mechanical back/neck pain and associated headaches as well as acute mechanical spinal issues such as disc injuries. Injuries to the disc often have associated trapped nerves of which Sciatica is well known. These often require more gentle treatment.

Our Treatment Goals for Back and Neck Pain

Our treatment goals are to decrease muscle spasm around the affected joint and increase range of movement. This facilitates a good blood supply to the affected joint to aid self-healing and settles the nervous system in that area. Movement is also vital in limiting the inflammation around the joint, which can in the case of a disc, combine to compress or irritate the nerve root exiting the spine at that level, causing referred pain in the leg or arm.

Also important in our treatment aims is to make sure there is good movement throughout the whole of the spine, allowing compensation and what I call “job sharing” – so that one area is not being overworked and prone to re injury. We all get fed up if we are expected to do far more than others when it comes to the work place!

Posture and Ergonomic Advice

With the majority of the nation working from home during the recent Lockdowns the need for a good ergonomically sound workspace has become increasingly evident. We have certainly seen a rise in low back and neck pain and associated headaches. This is not only affecting adults, but also children whose workspaces are often forgotten and who are spending most of the day on devices with teenage slouched postures.

As osteopaths we are keen to educate our patients about posture, work station set up and exercise so that all our hard work fixing you doesn’t get undone when you return to that computer!

For those manual workers too postural advice on lifting and strengthening your spine is equally as important. Days off work can be costly, especially if you are self employed.