Osteopathy For The Ageing Body

Is pain stopping you from doing the things you love?

Here at the Monkton Farleigh Osteopathic Practice we are passionate about helping you be able to pursue what makes you happy for as long as possible – whether that be having fun with your grandchildren, playing a social game of tennis or trekking the Himalaya’s.

Too many people accept their musculoskeletal pains as something that they have to live with and part and parcel of becoming older. This is not necessarily the case and whatever the underlying mechanical cause, osteopaths can help to keep your joints as mobile as possible and work with you to maintain muscular strength and balance – extremely important in keeping you going for longer.

How can Osteopathy help with Degenerative Arthritis?

It is important to be aware that Degenerative or Osteoarthritis is a normal ageing process of wear and tear in the joints. However, some people are more prone to it than others. This will depend on your family history and lifestyle, where excessive stress put on your joints through sport, injury, manual work or increase weight can have a detrimental effect.

Many people with Degenerative Arthritis in their joints are not aware of the relief osteopathic treatment can provide.  Even those waiting for hip or knee replacements can benefit from osteopathic treatment, putting you in a better place for recovery post op.

The pain of Degenerative Arthritis is caused as the cartilage, or cushioning between the bones, begins to wear away. Bone rubs on bone causing swelling and stiffness and the muscles around the affected joint tighten up to protect it from further damage. Over time the joint looses strength as it is not being used properly.

Whilst osteopathic treatment cannot cure arthritis it gently relieves the muscle tightness, lessens the pressure on the joint and reduces inflammation. This therefore relieves pain and improves function. During treatment we will also ensure that other parts of the body are working well to minimise the stress on the damaged joint.


Am I too old for Osteopathy?

When the bones start to weaken (Osteoporosis) and the spine becomes bent forward it takes its toll on the muscles of the neck and back as they become shortened or overworked trying to compensate.

Osteopaths can still work on you at this point as therapeutic soft tissue and stretching techniques can take some of the tension out of these fatigued muscles and improve joint range of movement, decreasing pain levels. The techniques we choose for the elderly, including cranial osteopathy, are very gentle and would certainly not involve any spinal manipulation. Therefore you are never too old for treatment!